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Paddletail Newts (Pachytriton labiatus)

Paddletail Newts (Pachytriton labiatus)

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-Paddletail newts are stout-bodied, smooth-skinned aquatic newts. Their heads are large and flattened, and the tails are laterally compressed, broad, and rounded at the end. They have conspicuous labial folds (overhanging lips, giving them a fish-like gape) and short stubby legs and toes. Respiration is accomplished through both lungs and skin.

The origin of Paddletail newts is China.

Water requirement: Water must be deep enough to cover the entire animal at a minimum, but based on personal observation, deeper water is recommended for better health and comfort.


Adult Size: 5.2 -7.2'' (13 - 18 cm)
Care Level: Medium
Temperature: 50 - 77°F (10 - 25°C)
Feeding: Insects or Worms
Dimension: 4-5.2" (10-13cm)
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