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Paraleptuca splendida

Paraleptuca splendida

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Paraleptuca splendida has bright colors and a network of lines on its back armor that look similar to watermelons. Its pair of pliers is extremely asymmetrical, and if you don't take it seriously, you may think it only has one pliers.Its two claws have different functions. The larger one is just the capital for male crabs to show off, demonstrate, fight, and show off their love, while the smaller one is used for digging and eating. Male crabs and female crabs are very different. Male crabs only have a claw that is about the same size as their body, while female crabs do not.

Paraleptuca crassipes usually have a crimson red carapace although some individuals may have black margins or patches. The large male cheliped is reddish pink. Walking legs can be crimson red or black. Bright sky blue patches may be present on the face and around the bases of the walking legs.


Temperature: 75° - 83° F (24° - 28° C)
pH: 7.5 - 8.0
Humidity: 75+% (Semiaquati or Aquatic)
Feeding: Omnivore
KH: 4 - 10 dKH
Diet: Omnivorous
Average size: 2-3cm
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