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Peruvian purple pinktoe tarantula (Avicularia juruensis)

Peruvian purple pinktoe tarantula (Avicularia juruensis)

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The Avicularia sp 'Peru Purple' (Peru Purple Pink-Toe) is a New World arboreal species from…Peru! This species is known for being a little skittish and may hide a lot more as a sling than it will as an adult. The Peru Purple Pink-Toe is a natural work of art. The darkened jet-black abdomen is covered with translucent pink hairs while the carapace is a shadowy teal covering with a vibrant purple middle.

The femurs are an extension of the shadowy teal color and the farther down the leg your eyes go, there are translucent pink hairs again, this time on the legs.

Juvenile: 2 - 4 cm, Sub-adult: 7 - 8 cm, Adult: 14 -16 cm

Adult Size: 14 – 16cm
Temperature: 77 - 90°F (25 - 32°C)
Humidity: 60% – 80%
Feeding: Insects
Lifestyle: Arboreal
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