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Phoenix Moss ( Fissidens nobilis )

Phoenix Moss ( Fissidens nobilis )

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This Phoenix Moss (Fissidens nobilis) is a terrestrial moss. This plant is a very fluffy green plant that can attach to most surfaces and eventually grow into a large cushion of amazing size. Like many similar plants, it provides a shelter for shrimp and fry, and an attractive and useful grazing area for shrimp. It can be easily connected to driftwood and rocks. It grows slowly and requires low to medium light.

Phoenix Moss is a plant that is very easy to preserve without additional care, but like all plants, it can benefit from carbon dioxide supplementation, although this is not required. Like many mosses, it usually does not respond positively to most chemical plant supplements. Many aquarium keepers report success by simply maintaining a well-maintained aquarium without any replenishment.

Purchase Size:  1 15*8 cm (5.9*3.1‘’)
Temperature:  21 – 28℃ or 69.8– 82.4° F
Sunlight Demand:  Medium, Indirect
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