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Phyllium Giganteum Leaf Insect

Phyllium Giganteum Leaf Insect

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  • The Leaf Insect is a large species of leaf insect with the scientific name Phyllium giganteum. Leaf Insects are insects in the order of stick insects (Phasmatodea) that look like a leaf. Phyllium giganteum is one of the largest species of leaf insects that is kept as a pet.
  • Phyllium giganteum is a very wide and large leaf insect with a body shaped like a leaf. Also the legs have appendages making it look like leaves. The skin is green in colour with brown spots around the edges. Two brown dots decorate the top of the abdomen. The shade of green and the amount of brown edges and spots differs between individuals. Females will become around 10 cm in length.
  • This species of leaf insect eats blackberries, rose and oak leaves. Nymphs are prone to drowning, so make sure you do not provide them with large droplets of water.


Leaf Insects eat leaves of bramble, oak and rose species. Do not feed the fresh new leaves, especially not of bramble. The older, darker colored leaves are much better. Young nymphs cannot eat from undamaged leaves, so you should cut of the edges of the leaves before you feed it to them. How to place foodplants in a stick insects cage can be read here. 

Size: L3  About 3 cm (Juvenile)
          L5 About 5 cm

Adult size: Adult 4'' (10 cm)
Temperature: 64 - 82℉(18 - 28℃)
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Feeding: leaves of bramble, oak and rose species.
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