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Pinguicula Cyclosecta

Pinguicula Cyclosecta

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Pinguicula Cyclosecta is form small rosettes of leaves. During the summer months, the plant produces leaves that are covered in glandular hairs on their upper surface. These leaves are capable of catching, killing, and digesting small insect prey for the plant. The edges of the leaves may be tinged a bluish-purple, and in bright light, the entire leaf may be this color. During the winter months, Pinguicula Cyclosecta loses its carnivorous leaves and produces a rosette of reduced succulent leaves instead. Deep purple flowers are produced singly at the end of short scapes.

Daily Care of Pinguicula Cyclosecta

Sunlight Demand:

Partial Shade

Flower Color:




Soil Condition:


Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:

Diameter Approximately 0.8 - 1.6''(2-4cm)


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