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Pinguicula Weser

Pinguicula Weser

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- Pinguicula Weser is a hybrid of P. ehlersiae and P. moranensis. It is similar to P. ‘Sethos’ which is also a hybrid of P. ehlersiae and P. moranensis, the main difference being floral markings. P. ‘Weser’ was registered as a cultivar in 1998 and received its name after a river near the original growers location. The leaves can be anywhere from green to bright pink depending on light intensity. It prefers a loose mineral-based substrate.

Daily care of Pinguicula Weser 

Sunlight Demand:

Partial Shade

Soil Condition:


Water Requirement:


Crown Diameter:

Small: 0.4-0.8''(1-2cm); Mediumm: 0.8-1.6"(2-4cm)


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