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Chinacreagris chinensis(false scorpions )

Chinacreagris chinensis(false scorpions )

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Pseudoscorpions, is also known as false scorpions or book scorpions.

Pseudoscorpions(Book Scorpions)is a non-venomous and docile creature very much like a scorpion.

It is a large species with a body length of about 5 to 7 mm, and it can be 1 cm long if it is added with pincers. 

Not picky eaters, likes to eat springtails, parasitic mites, micro ants and other small creatures that are harmful to reptiles.

Pseudoscorpions(Book Scorpions)can help reptile pets to clean up parasitic mites, gentle, can also be kept as pets, non-toxic.

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