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Rainbow Ninja Crab (Lepidothelphusa sp)

Rainbow Ninja Crab (Lepidothelphusa sp)

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- Rainbow Ninja Crab (Lepidothelphusa sp) is a brightly colored small amphibious crab native to Borneo.

- Rainbow Ninja Crab (Lepidothelphusa sp) can be raised in groups. It can be fully aquatic and needs to maintain a high oxygen content or water flow in the water body.They are feed on meat and mainly live in small groups of 6-8 individuals, mainly active at night.


Temperature: 75° - 82° F (24° - 28° C)
pH: 7.5 - 8.0
Humidity: 75+% (Semiaquati or Aquatic)
Feeding: Omnivore
KH: 4 - 10 dKH
Diet: Omnivorous
Average adult size: About 2" (5 cm)
Average size: 1.2-1.6-" (3-4cm)
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