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Red Fighter Fiddler Crabs (Uca arcuata)

Red Fighter Fiddler Crabs (Uca arcuata)

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Temperature Range: 12-33 C.

PH: 7.0-8.4

Diet:   Omnivore

Habitat:   Slightly brackish to saltwater

Life Span:  3 years

Species:  Uca arcuata

Body Size:  up to 1.5-2cm

  White sword fiddler crabs originate from West Pacific region. They are typically found at intertidal mudflats where river enters sea. 


   A paludarium with both a mudflat setting and a deeper water area is ideal. For simple setup, we suggest a terrestrial mudflat enviroment. You may mix fine sand and mud or soil for substrate. You may also grow some grass or mangroves. Adding some sea salt to the water might help to provide minerals to the crabs. The crabs can live happily as long as the mud is wet. They can live as a group. Some fiddler crab keepers keep crabs underwater. We don’t recommend this way. Here are some setup we recommend: 

 Terrestrial: link facebook Terrestrial

Tidalarium: link facebook Tidalarium

Natural Habitat: link facebook Natural Habitat


   Fiddler crabs are omnivores. They eat fine food only. You can feed them with fine fish food, shrimp food, algae powder, blood worm etc. 

    Fiddler crabs dig holes. Make sure the mudflat surface is wet so that there will be water under crab holes. Fiddler crabs molt inside their holes.

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