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Red Mangrove Plants ( Kandelia candel )

Red Mangrove Plants ( Kandelia candel )

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Red Mangrove plants have intricate strut roots anchored in the mud. It not only has the functions of retaining mud, moisture-proof, and berm for the estuary/intertidal area, but also provides the activity space for fish , shrimp, fiddler crab, birds and other animals and plankton.

Not only that, it has been planted by enthusiasts in land and water tanks and small sea tanks, effectively reducing the nitrogen and phosphorus content in the water body in the aquaculture tank, and achieving the effect of purifying water quality.

Many people think that it can only live in seawater, but it is not true, and freshwater is no problem. Yes, in nature, mangroves are only found in seawater, but mangroves can be grown in fresh water, even soft water (PH < 7), and they are much tougher than we think.

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