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Red Secret ( Alocasia cuprea red )

Red Secret ( Alocasia cuprea red )

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This Alocasia cuprea (Red Secret) needs well-draining soil. It’s an average plant in this care area.

Well-draining soil ensures that excess water isn’t held onto. When all that extra water doesn’t drain, the soil becomes saturated.

Saturated soil leads to several scary conditions that can kill your plant. One of the worst conditions being that of root rot (also known as wet feet).

Its favorite soil for an Alocasia cuprea (Red Secret)is a mixture of coir fiber and perlite. If you don’t want to fork over those extra few bucks, you can substitute it with sphagnum peat-moss. Perlite is mined volcanic rock, which is pretty cool. This lightweight ingredient can hold three times its’ weight in water. But it also lets go of any extra water so it doesn’t sit there. Like the coir fiber, perlite has a neutralR


Alocasia Cuprea (Red Secret) needs indirect light to grow and remain healthy. The stunning leaves on this plant are prone to yellow from sitting in direct light for a long time. The leaves can and will die. The best way for your Alocasia cuprea to get light is to place it in either an east or north-facing window. This makes sure it gets enough light to thrive but isn’t receiving too much light.

Watering your Alocasia cuprea is simple. It’s the same as the average houseplant. It requires an average amount of water.

Over-watering is very dangerous for your plant. One of the biggest causes for concern from over-watering is root rot. When the soil is thick from moisture, oxygen can’t get through. Oxygen is as important to your plant as light and water.

Without the proper amount of oxygen, your roots can’t breathe. The roots will begin to rot. If root rot isn’t treated right away, all the roots become rotted. Once the roots are all rotten, your plant is done for. It’s going to die.
Like we stated, over-watering is death for your Alocasia cuprea plant. And under-watering can be as lethal.

Daily Care of Alocasia Cuprea:

Sunlight Demand: Indirect Sun
Flower Color: N/A
Foliage: Red With Metallic Luster
Soil Condition: Peat Moss
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: 5 - 7'' (13 - 18 cm)
Blade Length: 3 - 4.7'' (8 - 12 cm)

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