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Rotala macrandra 'Variegated'

Rotala macrandra 'Variegated'

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Rotala Macrandra ‘Variegated’ is an aquatic plant that is quickly distinguishable because of its deep red colors. In the aquascaping world, it is desired for its pulsating and wavy red leaves. Rotala Macrandra ‘Variegated’ is a native to Southeast Asia and parts of India where it grows naturally on wetlands. However, this plant is not a plant for everyone because of its demanding nature. It can only thrive in a handful of conditions – sufficient lighting, enough nutrients, and specific temperature must be maintained to make it thrive.  

Type: Stem
Growth Rate: Medium
Light Demand: Medium
CO2: High
Temperature: 64 - 84°F(18 - 29°C)
pH Range: 4.6 - 6.5
Location: Mid-ground
Propagation: Cut Stem and Replant
Purchase Size: 6 Stems
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