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Rubber Ducky Isopod (Cubaris sp. 'Rubber Ducky')

Rubber Ducky Isopod (Cubaris sp. 'Rubber Ducky')

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-The basic colour is dark brown. The 1st segment and the pleon are yellow. The legs and antennae of this species are dark brown. This colour constellation and the “duck face” gives the isopod the name “Rubber Ducky”.

-Rubber Ducky Isopod lives in the tropical areas of Thailand. Therefore, a humidity of 70-80% should be maintained. To keep the humidity, you can cover the substrate with leaves, moss, bark or similar. Cubaris spec. “Rubber Ducky” is sensitive to stagnant air. Therefore, there should be sufficient ventilation despite the high humidity.

-Rubber Ducky Isopods are one of the most sought-out species. They will thrive in a high humidity environment with lots of damp areas. Once established, this species will make great cleaners and as pets! They enjoy eating dried leaves, wood, and vegetables. We strongly recommend feeding supplemental food to keep this species happy and hardy. Color and patterns will vary but may include yellow and brown.

-Feeding suggestion : 25% coco fiber, 40% chunked rotting wood, 15% leaves, and, 10% dried sphagnum moss, and finally about 10% pulverized limestone.Feed them cuttlefish bones to supplement calcium and prevent them from damaging or eating each other during molting.

Adult size: 0.4-0.56'' (1-1.5 cm)
Temperature: 70-80°F (21-27°C)
Humidity: 70-80%
Feeding: Decaying wood or leaves or fish food(Daily intake), Cuttlefish bone(Supplement calcium)
Size: Juvenile:0.16-0.2''(0.4-0.5cm); Sub-adult: 0.28-0.32"(0.7-0.8cm)
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