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Serissa Bonsai Type 1(Serissa serissoides)

Serissa Bonsai Type 1(Serissa serissoides)

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Serissa Serissoides Type 1 is a delightful shrub or small tree with small, glossy, rounded leaves and small, white, bell-shaped flowers followed by purplish fruits.

Serissa Serissoides is native to Guangdong province and Hong Kong in China and to Taiwan. in the east it is a very popular ornamental and the collecting of wild plants has severely depleted natural populations and the plant is now considered critically endangered. 

Please check the pictures carefully before buying the plants you receive will be consistent with the pictures.

Daily Care of Serissa Serissoides: 

Sunlight Demand:

Full To Partial Sunlight

Flower Color:




Soil Condition:

Sandy Loam, Clay Soil

Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:

6 - 8'' (15 - 20 cm)

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