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Shiny blue jumping spider(Thiania subopressa)

Shiny blue jumping spider(Thiania subopressa)

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Thiania subopressas do not weave webs but are good at jumping. They are usually brightly colored, fierce and aggressive, and are sometimes kept as pets.

It feeds on all kinds of small arthropods and even the weakest of its kind, but does not eat dead things or scraps.

After the female silkie lays her eggs, she will break out of the cocoon in about two weeks and go her own way to live independently, never living with the same sex. It is difficult to know whether a female or male is a Toucan until the last time she sheds her shell.

Adult size: 0.5-0.6 cm, Sub-Audlt Size: 0.3-0.5cm
Temperature: 22 - 29°C
Humidity: 70% - 85%
Food: Breadworms, pinhead crickets, fruit flies and other insects.

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