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Singapore Blue Tarantula (Lampropelma violaceopes)

Singapore Blue Tarantula (Lampropelma violaceopes)

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The Singapore Blue tarantula (Lampropelma Violaceopes) is a true long legged exotic beauty. It is a very large old world tarantula. They are found commonly in Singapore and Malaysia in the jungle areas. The appearance of this tarantula is what has made it so appealing to enthusiasts. The females are a striking blue with a darker abdomen. The males of this species do not sport such vibrancy in color, however after reaching adulthood their color will change from blue to green or yellow, or a mixture of both The Singapore blue is the largest tree dwelling tarantulas with the female growing up to an impressive 11 inches, the male slightly smaller.

These tarantulas are not recommended for a beginner due to their aggressive temperament and will rarely tolerate handling. Unlike new world spiders they will not hesitate to give a nasty venomous bite. 

Juvenile: 4 - 7 cm, Sub-adult: 8 - 9 cm, Adult: 10 - 13 cm, Large-adult: 19 - 23 cm

Adult Size: 7 - 9'' (19 - 23 cm)
Temperature: 64 - 82°F (18 - 28°C)
Humidity: 50 - 80%
Feeding: Insects
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