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Buddhist Crab(Tmethypocoelis Ceratophora)

Buddhist Crab(Tmethypocoelis Ceratophora)

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Tmethypocoelis Ceratophora is a small crab that is only 1cm in size. The "corner eye" originates from the 2 horns on the eyes of male crabs.

And "cutting the abdomen" is because it will keep repeating the action of raising the two pliers and placing them in front of the chest, which is like cutting the abdomen with a samurai sword in both hands. Hence the name of the Tmethypocoelis Ceratophora.

Tmethypocoelis Ceratophora live in groups on the fine sandy beaches or mangrove shoals near the estuary of brackish water. Belongs to the halophilic organisms. When raising, it is mainly on wet land, fresh water and soda water environment are acceptable. It can be multi-breed.

Do not raise in deep water!

Carapace size: about 0.4cm

Body size: about 1cm

Breeding temperature: 5 - 33℃

Food: fish food, organic detritus, animal carcasses, seaweed, etc.

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