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Togo Starburst Tarantula (Heteroscodra maculata)

Togo Starburst Tarantula (Heteroscodra maculata)

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Heteroscodra maculata is an old world species of tarantula which was first described in 1899 by Reginald Innes Pocock. This species native to West Africa and is found primarily in Togo and Ghana. This species has many common names, of which Togo starburst and ornamental baboon are most frequently encountered.

These tarantulas can reach their full size after about 3 years. When fully grown, these species can reach leg-spans of up to 13 centimetres (5.1 in). These spiders are characterized by their chalky white coloration with mottled black and brown markings. Notably, these tarantulas have very thick rear legs, leading many to believe that they are baboon spiders, however, they are not in the baboon spider subfamily of Harpactirinae.*

Juvenile: 3 - 4 cm, Sub-adult: 6 - 8 cm,  Adult: 13 - 14 cm

Adult Size: 5 - 5.5'' (13 - 14 cm)
Temperature: 78 - 82°F (26 - 28°C)
Humidity: 60 - 75%
Feeding: Insects

*References: Wikipedia

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