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Trachyandra tortilis

Trachyandra tortilis

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This plant will be in hibernation mode during summer.  During summer (May to September), you will be receiving a caudex with no leave and you need to wait till winter for new growth of leaves.


- The leaves of Trachyandra tortilis are not spirally twisted, but form large waves at the leaf edge, so players call it kelp spring grass.

-Trachyandra tortilis is strange like an alien plant. Its broad leaves burn big waves. With the change of season and light intensity, it can also change into a dazzling pink. Its wavy leaves are like kelp dancing with the waves in the sea. They are very interesting and ornamental.

- Don't water your plant frequently in hibernation mode to prevent root rot

- Don't put your plant under direct sunlight

Daily care of Trachyandra tortilis:

Light condition:

Full sun to partial shade

How to water:

Allow getting dry between watering

Soil requirements

Mixed granular soil



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