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Turtleshell Nymphoides (Nymphoides peltatum)

Turtleshell Nymphoides (Nymphoides peltatum)

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As the leaves look like the shell lines of the tortoise, they are referred to as “turtleback” for short. It is a rare species.The leaves float on the water surface and grow very fast in a sunny environment, making cultivation very easy.It can purify water quality, can be small container planting, also suitable for raising fish, shrimp friends planting.It also has good ornamental, rhizome can also become small fish, shrimp seedlings refuge and foraging places.

Type: Floating
Growth Rate: High
Light Demand: Medium
CO2: High
Temperature: 59 - 77°F (15 - 25°C)
pH Range: 6.0 - 7.0
Location: Surface
Propagation: Divided
Purchase Size: 1 Stem

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