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Utricularia dichotoma

Utricularia dichotoma

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-Utricularia dichotoma is a tropical bladderwort native to Australia and New Zealand. The fan shape of the bluish-purple flowers earned the plant its common name, “Fairy Aprons”. Flowers often grow in pairs or groups of three. While the foliage and bladders of U. dichotoma are small, the carnivorous traps of Utricularia are the fastest of all carnivorous plants and can capture prey in less than one millisecond! U. dichotoma is easy to grow and does well in terrariums, aquariums, and on window sills.

-Mature size: Flowers are 0.25 – 0.5 inches in size, produces very small bladder traps

-Daily care of Utricularia dichotoma:

Sunlight Demand: Partial Shade
Flower Color: Purple & Yellow
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Spagmoss
Water Requirement: Medium
Distribution area: Small: 2*2cm ; Medium: 3*3cm
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