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Utricularia involvens

Utricularia involvens

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-Utricularia involvens is a terrestrial bladderwort most notable for its twining flower stalk, a feature from which its name is derived (involves = enveloping).

-The species produces medium sized blooms that are bright yellow in colour. The flowers have a two-lobed lower corolla lip and very bulbous center. The upper corolla lip is large and around the same size of the lower lip. The spur is curved and pointed. The peduncle is thin and spirals strongly around surrounding sedges for support.

-Utricularia involvens is found in the Top End of the Northern Territory in Australia, as well as in SE Asia. In the Territory, it grows in seasonally inundated grass plains along creeks and floodplains. In Australia, it shares a twining habit with U. circumvoluta and U. foveolata but can be distinguished by its large yellow flowers (as opposed to small blooms). It is also similar to other yellow species like U. odorata but is easily recognised by the twining peduncle.

-Daily care of Utricularia involvens:

Sunlight Demand: Partial Shade
Flower Color: Yellow
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Spagmoss
Water Requirement: Medium
Distribution area: 2*2cm /3*3cm /4*4cm
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