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Batik Crab (Metasesarma obesum)

Batik Crab (Metasesarma obesum)

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Metasesarma obesum vampire crab is a small crab that is a good choice for small breeding boxes. White porcelain dolls are widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific region. Similar to hermit crabs, they live on land, hiding under leaves, wood, or burrowing in the sand. The color and pattern of the white porcelain doll Xiangshou crab varies greatly. I found some very bright, monochromatic, whitish animals with little pattern on the carapace, but also some that showed some pink with lots of spots. Features: reared in water and land environment, can be raised in groups (need to avoid enough)

Details of Metasesarma obesum vampire crab

Carapace size: 1-1.5cm

Body size: about 6cm

Breeding temperature: 15 - 33℃

Food: dried fish, dried shrimp, fish food, turtle food

1. Female crabs are darker in color than male crabs and have smaller pincers.

2. Crabs will break their legs to survive when they are nervous, which is normal. Broken limbs will respawn after shedding.

3. The sub-adults are very active although they are lighter in color. Generally, it becomes an adult after 1-2 times of shelling.

Note: In case of stock shortage, we have the opportunity to sell crabs with one broken leg but two intact claws, please understand.

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