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Vittaria flexuosa

Vittaria flexuosa

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- Vittaria flexuosa is generally grows on the trunk or on the wall of a wet cave.The rhizome of plants is transversely, densely scaly; Scales are yellowish brown, shiny, subulate lanceolate, 4-6 mm long, about 0.2-0.5 mm wide at the base, ciliate at the apex, ciliary teeth at the edge, thick mesh wall, dark brown; The leaves are close to each other and often densely clustered.

- Vittaria flexuosa has very narrow leaves, and the sporangium group line is filled with the space between the middle rib and the retrorse leaf edge.

Daily care of Humata griffithiana

Sunlight Demand: Diffused light
Soil Condition: Coconut husk,Sphagnum Moss,Peat soil
Water Requirement: Keep Wet
Purchase Size: Height 4-8'' (10-15 cm)
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