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Waterlily ( Nymphaea tetragona )

Waterlily ( Nymphaea tetragona )

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All of our waterlilies tubers / rhizomes have been inspected before ship out and guaranteed to grow and thrive in the right environment.  Waterlilies generally sit on the bottom of the pond (except in very deep ponds, where they may be placed on shelves) and their leaves grow upwards to float on the water surface. 

Small, slightly fragrant, cup-shaped Water lilies up to 5cm ( 2in ) across with slightly scalloped petals float atop round, mid green leaves from June to September. These award-winning pygmy waterlilies will happily grow in as little as 15cm ( 6in ) of water, and they are perfect candidates for a small pond or tub in a sheltered, sunny site. The shade cast by the leaves also helps to check the spread of the algae. 

It is by far the smallest white waterlily, and therefore ideally suited to the smaller pond or tub garden.
We recommend starting your Nymphaea tetragona off in a pot of 1 litre capacity. 

We Supplied waterlilies tubers / rhizomes. 

Position: Full sun
Rate of growth: Average
Ultimate spread: 40cm ( 16in )
Recommended water depth over crown of plant: 10 - 30 cm
Flowering period: June to September
Hardiness: Fully hardy

 HP:6 - 8

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