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South China Whip Spider (Weygoldtia hainanensis)

South China Whip Spider (Weygoldtia hainanensis)

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Whip spiders are a species between spiders and scorpions, combining some characteristics of both.

Nontoxic. For example, the frequency of molting is the same as that of scorpions, which are 6 times and 7 years old, but they can reproduce at 6 years old; and the two parts, cephalothorax and abdomen, are the same as spiders.

Whip spiders are nocturnal, hiding during the day under wood, bark, rocks and leaves, and sometimes in burrows. Generally likes humid environment.

Juvenile: 1-2cm,Sub-adult: 3-4 cm


Humidity: 40-60%

Food: Insect and Roach

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