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White Spotted Assassin Bug (Platymeris biguttata)

White Spotted Assassin Bug (Platymeris biguttata)

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- White Spotted Assassin Bug (Platymeris biguttata) is mainly distributed in Africa, and its body length ranges from 29mm to 51mm. The surface of the adult's body is black, and the legs have a metallic luster, usually with circular markings. Under artificial breeding conditions, they like to eat crickets, Mealworm, corn borer, etc.

- Habitat environment: Living in a dry and cool place, suitable for clustering.

- Large and impressive (approx. 4 cm). Feed on crickets, wax worms etc. Black with white spots.

- Caution - These insects can sting and squirt a noxious fluid, painful on contact with eyes. Not for children, but they make an interesting exhibit.

Adult size: About 2"(about 5cm)
Temperature: 80-86°F (27-30°C)
Humidity: 40-60%
Feeding: Drosophilas, Insects
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