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White Springtails (Folsomia candida)

White Springtails (Folsomia candida)

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- Folsomia candida can be used as live feed to feed reptiles such as frogs and jumping spider larvae that have just landed.

- Folsomia candida likes a high humidity environment and has a dormant habit during the high temperature season in summer.

- Folsomia candida uses mold as its food, which can inhibit mold growth in a high humidity environment, and can also consume leftover food, decompose animal carcasses and humus to a certain extent.


Size: 0.05 - 0.15'' (1 - 4 mm)
Temperature: 59 - 77℉ (15 - 25℃)
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Feeding: Omnivorous
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