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Tawny Hermit Crab (Coenobita rugosus)

Tawny Hermit Crab (Coenobita rugosus)

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Coenobita rugosus has four walking legs, a small pincer, a large pincer, and antennae. When threatened  Coenobita rugosus is able to make a 'chirping' sound by rubbing its large pincer against its shell as a stridulatory apparatus. Coenobita rugosus vary in colour depending on nutritional intake and common colours include green, brown and tan, but black, white, pink, and blue have also been observed. They can be differentiated from other species of land hermit crabs by the pronounced striations (stitch marks) on their large pincer. 

Small Size:0.4-0.8 inches ( 1-2 cm )

Medium Size:1.1-1.5 inches ( 3-4 cm )

Large Size:1.9-2.3 inches ( 5-6 cm )

Care Level: Medium

Temperature: 77 - 89.6°F (20 - 32°C)

Feeding: Omnivore

Life Span: 3 – 12 years on average

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