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Aphelandra squarrosa

Aphelandra squarrosa

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Aphelandra squarrosa large, pointed leaves are a deep, glossy green with bright silvery veins that create a striped appearance

When the plant flowers, usually in the late summer or autumn, it bears a tall (eight inch) golden flower bract that lasts for up to six weeks.

Like many true jungle plants, however, the zebra plant poses a challenge to indoor growers in temperate areas.

Aphelandra squarrosa requires lots of moisture, warmth, and food to really thrive, and indoor conditions, especially in the wintertime, are not naturally conducive to the plant. Nevertheless, even a short-lived specimen is an interesting plant and can be expected to last for several months before it succumbs.

Daily care of Aphelandra squarrosa

Sunlight Demand: Partial Sun
Flower Color: Yellow
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Peat Moss
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: 6 - 8''(15 - 20 cm)

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