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Asian Royal Fern (Osmunda japonica)

Asian Royal Fern (Osmunda japonica)

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Osmunda japonica  also called Asian royal fern is a fern in the genus Osmunda native to east Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and the far east of Russia on Sakhalin.

Osmunda japonica is a deciduous herbaceous plant which produces separate fertile and sterile fronds. The sterile fronds are spreading, the fertile fronds are erect and shorter, 20–50 cm tall.

It grows in moist woodlands and can tolerate open sunlight only if in very wet soil. Like other ferns, it has no flowers, but rather elaborate sporangia, that very superficially might suggest a flower, from which the alternative name derives.

Like its relative Osmundastrum cinnamomeum (Cinnamon fern), the fertile fronds become brown-colored and contain spores. 

Daily care of Osmunda japonica

Sunlight Demand:  Medium / Direct sun
Flower Color:  No
Foliage:  Triangle wide oval
Soil Condition: Acid soil
Water Requirement:  Well draining
Temperature: 59 – 77°F (15 – 25°C)

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