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Bladderwort (Utricularia Warburgii)

Bladderwort (Utricularia Warburgii)

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Utricularia Warburgii is a species of terrestrial bladderwort native to China.

Utricularia Warburgii has a movable sac-like bladder trap, which can suck small organisms into the sac and digest and absorb it.

Most of them have a long flowering period and bloom into lovely small blue flowers.

Suitable for terrarium. It is best grown in a mixture of peat and sand that is kept constantly moist to wet and placed in bright light conditions

Remember to use Mineral-free water and no fertilizer!

Daily Care of Utricularia Warburgii

Light condition:

Full Sun to Partial Shade

How to water:

Can be permanently exposed to water in the substrate

Purchase Size:

Approximately 0.8*0.8''(2*2cm)

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