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Diphyscium foliosum

Diphyscium foliosum

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-Diphyscium foliosum is the most common moss that grows in relatively humid places.

-Because it is dense and not high, it is very beautiful when doing moss micro landscape or dry tank landscape and directly spreading on the pot surface of bonsai.

-Planting needs to be careful not to expose to the sun. Always maintain a high humidity, do not place it in a windy, because the windy water is dispersed too quickly, which is not conducive to maintaining humidity. In summer, it is necessary to prevent it from drying out and yellowing, and it should not be immersed in water, which is easy to rot.

Please click this link for information on how to acclimate the plant upon receipt.

Light condition: 

 Partial shade

How to water:

Allow getting dry between watering
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