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Shark's Mouth Mesemb (Gibbaeum album)

Shark's Mouth Mesemb (Gibbaeum album)

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Gibbaeum album is native to South Africa.This dwarf succulents are characterized by distinctively asymmetrical pairs of leaves, mostly globular or sometimes thick and arcuate.

The sizes of the leaves of each pair are nearly always different.

Gibbaeum album are greyish-white, with interlocking hairsGibbaeums grow in clumps and produce pink or white flowers in spring.


Daily care of Gibbaeum album

Sunlight Demand:Full sun or partial shade

Flower Color:Pink


Soil Condition:Sandy Loam

Water Requirement:Little

Purchase Size:Diamter 0.2-0.4'' (0.5-1cm)


Please click this link for information on how to acclimate the plant upon receipt.


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