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Thunb (Houttuynia cordata)

Thunb (Houttuynia cordata)

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Houttuynia cordata is a herbaceous perennial plant The leaves are alternate, broadly heart-shaped.Its flowers are greenish-yellow and borne on a terminal spike 2–3 cm (0.79–1.18 in) long with four to six large white basal bracts.It normally blooms in the summer.

It is considered an invasive plant because of its ability to regrow rhizomes from any segment of its foliage.

As its name suggests, the leaves have a slightly fishy smell. The flavor is less fishy with a slight tang.

Houttuynia cordata is commonly grown as a leaf vegetable, and is used as a fresh herbal garnish.[2] The leaf has an unusual taste that is often described as 'fishy' (earning it the nickname "fish mint"), so it is not enjoyed as universally as basil, mint, or other more commonly used herbs.

Daily care of Houttuynia cordata

Sunlight Demand: Full sun or partial shade
Flower Color: White
Foliage: Green/white/yellow/red
Soil Condition: Sandy Loam
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: 1.5"-3'' (4 - 6 cm)

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