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Little jewel ( Pachyphytum compactum)

Little jewel ( Pachyphytum compactum)

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Pachyphytum compactum is a small succulents native to Mexico. Pachyphytum compactum   is a common houseplants. It has  slightly flattened cylindrical,  light green leaves with powdery coating called “farina.”. The leveas are rounded, but slightly edged at the tip. inflorescences are small and cowardly pink small.

Daily care of Pachyphytum compactum 

Sunlight Demand: Full sun
Flower Color: Orange, violet, red, and pink
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Sandy Loam
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: Diameter 1.6-2''(4-5cm) 


Please click this link for information on how to acclimate the plant upon receipt.


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