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Mini Rose

Mini Rose

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Rosa chinensis, known commonly as the China rose or Chinese rose is a member of the genus Rosa native to Southwest China in Guizhou, Hubei, and Sichuan Provinces.

Prized for their beauty, fragrance, novelty and adaptability, miniature roses are the queen of flowers.

This improved strain of the renowned miniature rose types germinates readily, grows vigorously and blooms just 3 to 5 months from sowing.

Rosa chinensis It produces a compact plant with a constant supply of sweetly scented double and semi-double 5cm (2in) roses in a palette of antique hues: rose to pink to white. They can be grown as an annual when started early.

daily care of Rosa chinensis

Sunlight Demand: Indirect Sun
Flower Color: Pink
Foliage: Green
Soil Condition: Sandy Loam
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: Height 2.4-3.1'' (6-8 cm)


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