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Pilea serpyllacea ' Globosa '

Pilea serpyllacea ' Globosa '

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Pilea serpyllacea 'Globosa' is a cute herbaceous plant native to Ecuador and Bolivia. Its tiny mid-green fleshy leaves overlap with one another.

The plant grows tiny, star-shaped flowers during late spring. This species of Pilea is dioecious, and its female flower is relatively tiny in size, characterised by 3-lobed purple-red corolla, and its male flower is around 3.5mm, characterised by 4-lobed white corolla.

Pilea serpyllacea 'Globosa' looks like a mini tree with mini water drops and crystal balls hanged on its branches. It grows better in bright and moist environment. Still it is hardy and excellent for growing indoors, making it one of the great starter plants for inexperienced growers.

Daily care of Pilea serpyllacea 'Globosa'

Sunlight Demand: Bright
Flower Color: dark red
Foliage: purple-red
Soil Condition: Loam
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: 1.5'' - 2.3'' (4 - 6cm)

Please click this link for information on how to acclimate the plant upon receipt.


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