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Pteris cretica L.

Pteris cretica L.

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-Pteris cretica L. is one of the most unique members of the fern family.

-Native to Yunnan China and eastern Asia,Pteris cretica warm temperatures ranging from 15 to 26℃.

-Pteris cretica L.prefers indoors in bright, indirect light, and the tri-colors stems grows even better in partially shaded position. With a low drought tolerance, the plant require ample humidity of 70 to 80%. The low maintenance yet attractive fern reach heights of 8 to 24 inches but is deciduous in winter, still it is best for indoor freshness.

Daily care of Pteris cretica L.

Sunlight Demand: Part shade to full shade
Soil Condition: moist to wet soil
Water Requirement: High humidity  Rich
Purchase Size: 3-4''( 8-12CM )


Please click this link for information on how to acclimate the plant upon receipt.


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