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Spiral grass ( Albuca namaquensis )

Spiral grass ( Albuca namaquensis )

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This plant will be in hibernation mode during summer.  During summer (May to October), you will be receiving a caudex with no leave and you need to wait till winter for new growth of leaves.

Albuca namaquensis  is native to stony sandstone slopes from Namibia to the Eastern Cape, South Africa

- .The leaves are scabrid (rough or scaly) or hairy or smooth

- . In dry and sunny conditions its leaves coil like Albuca spiralis

- Don't water your plant frequently in hibernation mode to prevent root rot

- Don't put your plant under direct sunlight

Please click this link for information on how to acclimate the plant upon receipt. 

Light condition:

Full sun to partial shade

How to water:

Allow getting dry between watering


Height approximately  2 - 4'' (5 - 10 cm)

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