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Everfresh Tree ( Pithecellobium confertum )

Everfresh Tree ( Pithecellobium confertum )

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Pithecellobium confertum is a leguminous tree of the family Fabacae

Pithecellobium confertum is found in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, southward to Ecuador in South America.\

The curved pod of the mature fruit is reddish-purple Leaves are alternate, bipinnate with 8-16 pairs of leaflets, non-serrated, elliptical. Flower inflorescences are white, hermaphroditic.

daily care of Pithecellobium confertum

Sunlight Demand: Full sun or partial shade
Flower Color: White


Soil Condition: Sandy Loam
Water Requirement: Medium

Small: 3.2-5.2'' (8-13cm) ; Medium: 7.2-10"(18-25cm)

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